Create your own Experience

Frozen drinks

Choose 2 from any of our flavors or bring along your own recipe!

our flavors include:

Mai tai, mimosa, pina colada, dreamcicle, lime margarita, strawberry margarita, mocha cappuccino, Hawaiian Punch, blue raspberry, horchata, passion orange

we also offer seasonal options, ask today if we have any available


Choose 3 or 4 cold beverages, or 4 hot beverages



your favorite Cold beverage, juice, tea, water, or pretty much any beverage you would like!

Our favorites include, water, tea, lemonade, pink lemonade, Hawaiian Punch, and apple juice

Coffee & Tea

Choose 3 from the following:


Regular Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee

hot chocolate

hot cider

hot water with Selection of Tea

You choose everything!


we can bring the goodies, or you can bring your own!

Our options include:

candy station with up to 6 choices

dessert station (see our dessert packages for details)

waffle bar

Pastry station

donut buffet

*All beverages included are non-alcoholic. If you would like to spice them up, alcohol must be purchased by customer and delivered to venue.

Cold & Hot Beverages


Whats included?

Beverages for up to 100 people, *additional charges for events with more than 100 guests.


4 hours of serve time for your event, *additional charges for additional hours

Professional customer service from beginning to end

Generator power for the entire trailer, no need for access to electrical

Delivery, Setup, clean-up, and maintaining of all machines throughout your event

Access for up to 4 draft beverages, alcoholic or non including beer, wine, soda, kombucha, or anything else that is sold in kegs! *Keg beverages not included in price, and alcoholic beverages not sold or provided by Trailer Made San Diego (Must be purchased by customer, and delivered to venue) **Use of draft system not required.

$50 gift coupon to our Artisan Gift Store

20% off our selection of outdoor game rentals for your event

10% off your next booking


0-50 $250

51-100 $350

101-150 $400

151-200 $450

No Beverages or Treats are included with this option, minimum of 2 beverages, and 1 treat is required for booking.

Includes Server service (2) for 4 hours, Each additional hour $150, 


All listed beverages included, including cups and condiments. 


Additional Staff is factored into pricing of candy experience and waffle bar

Deposit of $500 required at time of booking, and is non-refundable.

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